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Dina Wakley Media - Scribble Sticks, Set #3 Metallic & Pastel

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Includes: Penny, Sterling, Medievel, Rosy, Ancient, GiltT, Aloe, Apricot, Carnation, Heather, Mineral & Sand.

Introducing the third set of Dina Wakley Media Scribble Sticks with 12 new colors! These versatile, high quality pigment sticks sketch like crayons but are water-soluble like watercolor pencils. Use Scribble Sticks to create watercolor backgrounds or create bold, opaque designs, scribbles and marks on top of Dina Wakley Acrylic Paints and other mediums. Set includes 12 colors that coordinate with the Dina Wakley Media palette of color, including 6 metallics and 6 pastels.